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A dynamic solution for small to medium sized enterprises. Keep track of processes.

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Features Lite Pro Enterprise
Users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
KPIs Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Dashboard Reports Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Super Dashboard Yes Yes Yes
Quad Charts Yes Yes Yes
Fishbone Diagram Yes Yes Yes
Mind Map Yes Yes Yes
Process Flow Yes Yes Yes
One-minute Manager Yes Yes Yes
Project Plan Yes Yes Yes
8D Yes Yes Yes
Overview Yes Yes Yes
Data Rollup Yes Yes Yes
Improvement Priority Chart Yes Yes Yes
KPI Comparison Yes Yes Yes
Bowling Chart Yes Yes Yes
Objective Flow Chart Yes Yes Yes
Reports on Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivety, People, Lean, Environment, Production, Site Action, Inventory, Customer Yes Yes Yes
X-Matrix Yes Yes Yes
Datasheets No No Yes
CI Projects No No Yes
KPI Autopopulates From Machine No No Yes
Team Leader Dashboard No No Yes
Shift Management Notes No No Yes
EQDCP No Yes Yes
Action Plan and Timeline No Yes Yes
Advanced Reports and Analytics Yes Yes Yes
Advanced Filtering & Sorting No Yes Yes
Notifications Yes Yes Yes
Import Yes Yes Yes
Export Yes Yes Yes
Storage Limit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Monthly API Credits (if applicable) No No Unlimited
Mobile/Tablet No No Yes
SMS Notification No No Yes
User Permissions and Privileges Yes Yes Yes
Scheduling and Planning Yes Yes Yes
Time Line View Yes Yes Yes
Custom Integration No Yes Yes
Language Localisation No Yes Yes
Custom Branding No Yes Yes
Configurable Interface No Yes Yes
Customised Reports No Yes Yes
Bespoke Workflow No Yes Yes
Activity Log No Yes Yes
Out-of-the-box and custom ERP integrations No No Yes
Custom API integrations No No Yes
App exchange No No Yes
Single sign on No No Yes
Database export No No Yes
Initial migration No No Yes

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Frequently asked questions

Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is a tried and tested framework for organisational success. Digital Balanced Scorecard visualises the complete business story of organisational strategies and identifies where you are with your strategy execution.

Hoshin Kanri’s X Matrix is used in strategic planning in which strategic goals are communicated throughout the company and then put into action. X matrix aligns the long-term needs with strategic initiatives, and identifies where you need to improve. The name comes from the X that divides the matrix into 4 parts:

  • Long-Term Goals
  • Annual Objectives
  • Top-Level Priorities
  • Metrics to Improve

Usually, organisations begin their strategic planning and management with a paper-based solution or excel spreadsheet. Spreadsheets are not appropriate for long term process planning and execution. The collaboration of real-time data and retrieval of reports is not possible; the process is highly time-consuming and limits the entire organisational performance view.
The most appropriate way to actually track your scorecard on a regular basis is to use a balanced scorecard software. Using scorecard software, the organisation stays up-to-date and tracks relevant information. By replacing a traditional scorecard with a digital scorecard system, organisations can improve efficiency, gain transparency over each process, evaluate and implement actions for improvement and achieve the preset organisational goals.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are a set of performance measurements that help organisations achieve key business objectives. Key Performance Indicators and Balanced Scorecard aligns employees' performance with the organisation's long-term strategic goals

Using a digital scorecard system, organisations can improve efficiency, gain transparency over each process, evaluate and implement actions for improvement and achieve the preset organisational goals.

  • Get better strategy map visualisation
  • Access to real-time data
  • Increase data security
  • Saves time and increase productivity
  • Support business framework
  • Analyse, evaluate and visualise different KPIs in dynamic dashboards

Customise interactive dashboards according to your preference.

Yes, we can customise Balanced Scorecard software according to your requirements. Our team here at LTS will make sure that our Digital Balanced Scorecard will match your preference and ease strategic planning and management processes.

Small, Medium-sized or Enterprise, any organisation can use the Balanced Scorecard framework to enhance the strategic planning and management process. Using BSC organisations can align goals and actions and gain multiple benefits.

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