Balanced scorecard automotive industry

Accelerate Strategy Execution with Digital Balanced Scorecard

Get an overview of what is happening with the maker, dealer and suppliers.

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Irrespective of industries, Data Point enhanced their business processes.

Analyse perspectives and their KPIs to make the correct decisions with BSC

Consistent Decision Making

Make the right decisions, every single time. Easily analyse perspectives and their key performance indicators to make the correct decisions. Let everyone be well informed about the decisions that are being made.

Transparent Communication

Communicate easily within and across departments. Make sure the employees know what is happening. Help them align their actions to organisational goals. Let the communication be precise and clear.

Communicate easily within and across departments with Digital Balanced Scorecard

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Various business, government, and non-profit organisations use the balanced scorecard to align day-to-day activities with enterprise vision, mission, and values.

Digital Balanced Scorecard Performance Report

Increase Efficiency

Maximise efficiency of all processes within the organisation. Align organisational goals from top to the bottom level. Monitor how well teams are performing, to achieve the set organisational goals.

Measure Performance

Measure and analyse business performance using financial and non-financial data. By measuring performance, the organisation will realise where they are now and what needs to be done to achieve the long or short term goals.

Automotive balanced scorecard KPI measurement

Dynamic Reports

Why wait for manual reports, when you have automated reports at hand. Just a click to download your reports. Compare and contrast with multiple reports and implement actions for further improvement.