Drive Continuous Improvement with Visual Management Boards.

EQDCPS, the visual management board quickly conveys how you are performing in key areas. Improve productivity and accountability in areas such as Environment, Quality, Delivery, Cost, People and Site Action. The board helps the workforce collaborate, monitor and use the information to direct improvement activities.

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Balanced scorecard evaluates certain components of the environment that helps organisations achieve strategic goals and plans. BSC evaluates environmental performance in business organisations.

EQDCPS Balanced scorecard Environment metrics
EQDCPS Quality metrics in a balanced scorecard


Quality metrics in a balanced scorecard help organisations to measure the defect level of incoming products as perceived and measured by the customer. Using quality metrics, organisations can easily manage and track quality related processes.


Balanced Scorecard monitors all delivery processes OTIF (On time in Full) from suppliers to customers. All the warehouse processes and stock moves are analysed and the system gives the appropriate data to the management team.

EQDCPS Balanced Scorecard Delivery KPI
EQDCPS Balanced Scorecard Cost KPI


Financial goals and objectives are one of the most important and sensitive metrics for an organisation. Balanced scorecard manages the financial objectives very intelligently by analysing organisation’s financial figures. The system gives you comprehensive insights.

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T cards are a simple and effective tool to track and record various processes in any business. Irrespective of industries, all organisations benefit from t cards.

EQDCPS people metrics in a balanced scorecard


The people metrics in a balanced scorecard measures how good people are, in their job roles. Using a dynamic scorecard system, organisations can assess their professional skills, training effectiveness, employee’s knowledge about the organisational culture, teamwork and employee alignment.

Site Action

Balanced scorecard allows users to track and monitor the progress of action plans. Status of initiated action can be viewed and updated.

EQDCPS Site Action in Balanced scorecard