Multiple Interactive Dashboards

Interactive Dashboards give meaningful insights to the businesses. An interactive dashboard allows users to access data on a single screen, easily share results, save time, and increase productivity.

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Balanced Scorecard Interactive Dashboards

Team Leader Dashboard

Team leaders get an overview of the whole process that is going on. Overview of all related KPIs and metrics are available. Team leaders can analyse the trend of recurring incidents by comparing it with the previous day’s data.

Balanced Scorecard Team Leader Dashboard
Balanced Scorecard Super Dashboard

Super Dashboard

Super Dashboard gives an overview of environment, sales, quality, delivery, cost and people. It shows a graphical representation of each KPIs in respective sessions. Top management can see in detail the progress of each metrics.


Balanced Scorecard tracks accidents, and records the serious near-miss happened onsite. BSC analyses health and safety records and gives you a clear idea about the safety measures and to identify areas that require more attention.

Safety KPIs in Balanced Scorecard
BSC Quality Metrics


Quality metrics in balanced scorecard help organisations to measure the defect level of incoming products as perceived and measured by the customer. Using quality metrics, organisations can easily manage and track quality related processes.


Balanced Scorecard monitors all delivery processes from suppliers to customers. All the warehouse processes and stock moves are analysed and the system gives the appropriate data to the management team.

Delivery KPIs in SQDCP

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Various business, government, and non-profit organisations use the balanced scorecard to align day-to-day activities with enterprise vision, mission, and values.

Customer Metrics in SQCDP


Customer metrics in Balanced Scorecard allows organisations to analyse where they are on their delivery process towards customers and identify the ways to improve the process. Drawbacks can be evaluated and solved.


Production metrics display KPIs based on daily production data. KPIs will be listed and analysed based on target vs actual. Production metrics can pinpoint weak spots in your production line and processes for improvement.

Production metrics and manufacturing KPIs in Balanced Scorecard
Lean metrics in Balanced Scorecard


Lean metrics will help the organisation analyse where you are in the lean journey. Lean metrics can be used to control and monitor the manufacturing processes and can identify the opportunities for improvements and changes.


People metrics in a balanced scorecard measures how good people are, in their job roles. Using a dynamic scorecard system, organisations can assess their professional skills, training effectiveness, employee’s knowledge about the organisational culture, teamwork and employee alignment.

People metrics in a Balanced Scorecard

Other Datapoint Features

Users access interactive dashboards for meaningful business insights

Interactive Dashboards

Users can access multiple interactive dashboards to get meaningful insights regarding the businesses.

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Track KPIs with Balanced Scorecard Software

Keep Track of KPIs

Analyse and monitor KPIs associated with each strategic goal and measure their performance.

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Access Computerised Balanced scorecard on multiple devices

Mobility & Global Accessibility

Gain access over multiple devices. Translate strategy plans into actions with much ease.

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Balanced Scorecard Strategy Planning Report

Dynamic Report

Automated dynamic reports give meaningful insight. Save time and visualise growth.

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MES and ERP Integration with Balanced Scorecard Software

MES & ERP Integration

Easily integrate online Balanced Scorecard system with ERP and gain multiple benefits.

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Hoshin Kanri X Matrix for Strategic Planning

Hoshin Kanri X Matrix

X Matrix to initiate action plans and drive continuous improvement across the organisation.

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Project Tracker in Digital Balanced Scorecard

Project Tracker

Easy and effective evaluation of different projects.

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Track KPIs with Balanced Scorecard Software


Monitor and evaluate the success of an organisation.

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Balanced Scorecard Features

Advanced Features

Explore innumerable advanced features of Digital Balanced Scorecard.

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