Evaluate Effectiveness of Multiple Projects

Our Project Tracker allows easy and effective evaluation of different projects within the organisation. Gain visibility over the project's progress and make the right decisions.

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Evaluate Effectiveness of Multiple Projects

Planning and Scheduling is Easier

Define the project duration, required resources, schedule and allocate to team members. View project schedules as a Gantt chart in a calendar. The Gantt charts help the whole project team with project planning and tracking.

Planning and Scheduling is Easier

Project Scoring and Approval

Prioritise projects using the project scoring feature. Set dynamic project scoring questions to assess the priority of each project. Get approval from an authorised user. Once approved, the projects and their status is then visible to other users.

Proper Project
Evaluation & Tracking

Evaluate and track multiple projects with Digital Balanced Scorecard. Create, score and assess projects. Get more visibility, track and record project status, gain complete financial visibility and control over projects.

Proper Project Evaluation and Tracking
Balanced Scorecard Timesheets to Track Actual vs Planned hours

Timesheets to Track Actual vs Planned hours

Team members can see their allocated projects and planned hours in a weekly chart. Users can log their time against each project. For each project, users can either run the timer or manually enter the timesheet. Keep track of actual vs planned time.

Project Super Dashboard

Get an overview of the entire project's progress in the organisation. Evaluate whether the projects are executed as per the plans—comprehensive report page, with advanced dashboard matrix, sort and filter options for detailed reports.

Balanced scorecard project Super dashboard

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Various business, government, and non-profit organisations use the balanced scorecard to align day-to-day activities with enterprise vision, mission, and values.

Balanced scorecard Capital Expenditure (CapEx)


The Capital Expenditure (CapEx) option tracks the expense for each project. Users can see the allocated budget, actual spent and the remaining amount for the project. Add expenses and proof as attachments of each spending for transparency and audit processes.

Spent vs Cost

Project Leads can update the Expected ROI based on their project progress analysis. Our system will predict the Anticipated ROI based on the project spent vs cost savings using the Artificial Intelligence technology. The system will save both Expected ROI and Anticipated ROI changes for future cost analysis.

Balanced Scorecard Spent Cost project managment
Balanced Scorecard Cost Benefits

Cost Benefits

Cost-benefit analysis compares the project cost and cost savings. Map projects in a cost analysis matrix based on the cost saved over the cost spent. Users can write comments on cost-benefit analysis and see them in a timeline view.

Discussion Area

Separate discussion areas are available for each project, where users can interact with each other and make comments and opinions regarding that project. Ensure clear, precise, and transparent communication regarding the project progress or blockers and help the project team build constructive continuity plans.

Balanced scorecard project managent software disscussion

Other Datapoint Features

Users access interactive dashboards for meaningful business insights

Interactive Dashboards

Users can access multiple interactive dashboards to get meaningful insights regarding the businesses.

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Track KPIs with Balanced Scorecard Software

Keep Track of KPIs

Analyse and monitor KPIs associated with each strategic goal and measure their performance.

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Access Computerised Balanced scorecard on multiple devices

Mobility & Global Accessibility

Gain access over multiple devices. Translate strategy plans into actions with much ease.

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Balanced Scorecard Strategy Planning Report

Dynamic Report

Automated dynamic reports give meaningful insight. Save time and visualise growth.

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MES and ERP Integration with Balanced Scorecard Software

MES & ERP Integration

Easily integrate online Balanced Scorecard system with ERP and gain multiple benefits.

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Hoshin Kanri X Matrix for Strategic Planning

Hoshin Kanri X Matrix

X Matrix to initiate action plans and drive continuous improvement across the organisation.

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Project Tracker in Digital Balanced Scorecard

Project Tracker

Easy and effective evaluation of different projects.

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Track KPIs with Balanced Scorecard Software


Monitor and evaluate the success of an organisation.

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Balanced Scorecard Features

Advanced Features

Explore innumerable advanced features of Digital Balanced Scorecard.

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