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Irrespective of industries, Digital T Card Software enhanced their business processes.

Achieve Strategic Plans


Digital Balanced scorecard allows organisations to build a high-performance culture and promotes the alignment of key performance indicators to the company's strategic objectives at various organisational levels.

Execute Plans and Goals Effectively

Put planned strategies into action with a Digital balanced scorecard and assess whether the new initiatives align with their strategic goals. Execute preset plans and goals effectively.


Transform Data Into Meaningful Insights

Gather data related to different departments, analyse and get meaningful insights. Data acquisition is not a problem anymore. Get auto-generated reports. Keep track of KPIs.

Streamline Production Plans and Sales

Improve production plans and sales by continuously monitoring associated KPIs. Keeping track of sales and planning activities will help organisations predict future demand and meet those demands on time.


Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Visualise the strategy map, analyse different KPIs and align workforce and other processes with the preset strategic goals. Analyse different metrics such as on-time delivery, quality, and other metrics that customers value the most.

Dynamic Reports and Charts

Get countless digital reports. Customise multiple reports for the organisation to track and monitor overall performance. Generate reports based on real-time information.


Let Nothing Stop You!

Gain multiple advantages by implementing Digital Balanced Scorecard in the manufacturing industry.

  • Predict Future Demands
  • Achieve Planned Strategies And Goals
  • Streamline Production And Sales
  • Analysis Of All Four Perspectives
  • Keep Track Of KPIs
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction